Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Natural Hair Lighteners; highlights without bleaching?

We all know bleaching has its downsides.  As beautiful as blonde is.  As much fun the light color 
has with impacting our look, the effects our damaging.  Myself, for example, had never bleached my hair,  i always hated my natural reddish brown "auburn" waves.  The color reminded me of puke.  I hated having curly hair.  When I decided to bleach my hair, it didn't come out right.  I went through two process treatments in 72 hours.  My long healthy soft and wavy hair turned to a mess of fried frizz.  But it was blonde. I kept it this way for awhile.  Trying different products to see if anything could tame the frizz, perfect my curls again.  My hair had never been this thin or fallen out this much in my whole life.  Finally I decided nothing was working.  4 months later I went to a hair dresser to blend in my roots balayage style to start growing back my natural color but blend in my roots.  She said how much should I cut?"  "The dead,"  I responded.  When she told me 5 inches I internally died.  "Ok do it" came out of my mouth instead.  Now my hair is shorter then its ever been.  As much as I love being blonde, love the way it feels, love the way the color looks, loves the sexiness it portrays.. I love having long healthy hair more.  And I miss my naturally beautiful wave.  NO  MORE BLEACHING FOR ME!!  BUT.. I would like to know... has anybody tried natural highlighters?  Theres a million out there on the internet.  Lemon juice..baking soda.. peroxide.  I know the sun eventually lightens the hair, but these additives are suppose to help.  Feedback?

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