Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fall Styles: Is it October yet?

August 30th, 10:25 pm.  Exactly 25 hours, and 35 minutes until the first day of September.  As Labor Day weekend draws closer, so comes the end of summer: barbecues, beaches, short shorts and tank tops, tan lines and day drinking.  And so begins the beginning of school semesters, cooling temperatures, pumpkin lattes, and knee high boots.   Fall is my favorite season in the fashion world.  not yet freezing enough to the point of packing on leggings with thick sweats and hoodies under jackets just to keep a bearable body temperature, but just cool enough to coat your legs with a cute pair of tights, a lacy scarf, and a face flattering hat.  I will get more onto each topic in future blogs, but for an overview, I'm going to bring up my three favorite fall accessories.  Boots.  Tights and knee highs.  Hats. Scarves.  Deep Burgundy and Olive.  The list goes on.

YESSSSS!!! You can NEVER go wrong with a good boot.  So stylish.  So flattering to any outfit.  High or low heel, ankle or thigh length: boots rock.  Plus they are so much more comfortable than stilettos and pumps.  I can walk in my favorite pair of high heeled knee length boots all day, while an hour in my pointy toed stilettos will have my feet aching for days.  Heres a few outfits paired with high boots, or check out the ankle boots paired with tights in the photos below.

Hats &  Scarves

How do you make the most simple of outfits POPPIN?  Accessorize.  Fall time?  Perfect.  All you have to do is throw on a cute hat or matching scarf.   10 seconds fix.  Some lipstick would hurt as well.  Lipstick makes everything better.  I always throw a ball cap in a summer to disguise a bad hair day, but beanies are my favorite.  You're expected to wear hats in the cooler seasons.  Its expected.  Saves the extra hour washing drying and styling when you could really use that time sleeping 30 more minutes and stopping to grab a delicious pumpkin latte before work.


Tights & Knee Highs

You cant do this is the summer.  Shorts, tank top, and flip flops?  Boring.  Ok maybe some of the dresses are cute.  But fall is so much more fun.  Take the first outfit for example, She takes a simple outfit, an over-sized sweater and black skirt.  She layers it with polka dot tights, some black knee highs, and a fedora.. and the outfit goes from basic to stylish.The long hair and oversized top give it a hippie vibe.  Tights come in so many fun patterns and designs, and allow you to wear your favorite minis all year long.   Knee highs are also a fun way to add pattern or color to your fall outfit.  Also assist very well in keeping your legs warm.  i love wearing a pair of colored knee highs under my blackboots and over my black tights, with a skirt and cute top.  Also super comfortable alone. with a comfy sweater around the house.

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