Sunday, December 4, 2016

Natural Oils: These three natural miracle oils will change your life!

Have you ever heard that coconut oil is the cure for everything?  See the memes claiming it will cure your heart break and transform you into Beyonce? Whereas this may be a bit of an exaggeration, these three miracle oils do have the powers to solve a number of basic beauty frustrations.

Coconut oil is extremely moisturizing.  When I first moved to the dry Western dessert from humid South Florida, my body did not hesitate to let me know it was not found of the climate change.  My throat was constantly dry, my knuckles and elbows cracked and peeled, and my lips were constantly chapped.  I bought face lotion, body lotion, and chapstick and drank tons of water trying to nurture my body.  My dry throat took 2-3 weeks to adjust, and over that time the amount of chapstick needed lessened from every 15 minutes, to maybe every couple hours.  My skin continued to chafe, especially my hands and elbows.  My regular moisturizing lotion was not strong enough for these already dry areas.  Here is where the coconut oil came to play, rubbing a small about into the
dry areas, my elbows knuckles and tops of my hands stopped the pain and the excessive cracking.  I started doing this every morning and night.  They stopped hurting and held in the moisture from the natural coconut oil.  Whenever I need a deep condition treatment, when my hair is over tangled from a day outside or feels dry and fragile, I heat coconut oil to a liquid, and apply it to my dampened hair.  Sometimes I leave it overnight, but usually ill just wait til its dried or cover it with a cap and let it sit for a couple hours before rinsing it out.  I’ll wait til the next day to give it a good shampoo and get out any excess oil, and what I’m left with is a softer less frizzy mane. 

Castor Oil: I purchased my first bottle of castor oil from the local farmers market, after a reference from a friend.  I had commented on her eyelashes, asking if she got extensions or a really good mascara, of which she replied neither.  She informed me the trick to her long lashes, was castor oil.  She had googled the trick after ripping out a good amount of her lashes, and having them grown back slowly and stubby.  She said after applying the castor oil every single night while she slept, it caused them to grow quicker, stronger, and longer.  She said everyone was commenting.  I copied her nightly regiment, and now I make sure castor oil is part of regular beauty supply.  It’s been six months since I bought my first bottle, and people constantly comment of the length of my lashes.  Although I’ve never used it for anywhere else, I’ve heard this also works great for hair loss anywhere on the body, including your head.  Filling in bald spots or boosting hard to grow baby hairs.  Castor oil can also assist in removing skin tags when applied regularly, and soothe burns and irritations to the skin.

Tea tree oil has been a long time favorite to skin care.  Tea tree oil kills bacteria, and is great for applying to cuts or burns, poison ivy, cleaning ears, and clearing up acne.  Many at home face mask will mention combining tea tree oil with various ingredients for its attributions to the skin. It has a smell much stronger than either of the other oils carry, almost has a mint flavor to the smell.  People either like it or can’t stand it, but this miracle oil is definitely another natural remedy that its benefits outweigh the con of the smell. Tea tree oil is also good for fighting internal sickness or infection.  For head aches, colds, and sinus frustrations, tea tree oil can be dabbed at points such as your temples to ease head pains, on your throat to relax tounsils, and under your nose to clear up breathing.  It can also be added to a warm cloth or boiling water to create a steam to breath in its 

Coconut oil can be found at most grocery stores, ranging in prices.  Make sure its "organic" or "raw" coconut oil without all the extra additives.  Whole foods has a good selection.  Castor oil and tree oil can sometimes be found in health food stores or all natural markets, but if you are from an area where things like this are more difficult to find they can easily be ordered online.