Monday, September 19, 2016

All Burgundy Everything

Burgundy, burgundy, burgundy! Burgundy hair, burgundy nails, burgundy lips!  Burgundy pants, burgundy blouse, burgundy sweater!  Burgundy socks in burgundy boots, burgundy hats to cover non-burgundy roots!  In the last post a briefly went over some of my favorites of fall fashions.  Besides the style of clothing, i also love the colors that come into play.  Summer is all about bright and fun colors to go with beach days, sunny skies, and ice cream cones.  With autumn, the classier, richer, more sophisticated colors step in motion.  Deep shades of greens and blues, neutral browns and nudes, rich shades of reds.. which brings us to my favorite- as if you couldn't have guessed already... BURGUNDY!   I love the color with anything: clothes, hair, makeup.  Sophisticated and flattering.

Burgundy and rich, deeper shades of reds in the hair are not for everyone.  They make a bolder statement, and reds are always a step more courageous than your basic shades of blondes and brunettes.  But in my opinion, the right tone along with the right style, can flatter any skin color and any face.   


There is just something sexy about red nails.  It will never go out of style.  Women young and old swear by it.  Men love it.  That little black dress every girl has hanging in her closet cries for it.  Although, I seem to have a new fondness for pastels, I know as soon as this phase is over I will gravitate back to red.  I always do.  In 2012, I lost count of the number of times I was threatened to be sent home for coming into a professional setting with my neon green or funky fushia and blue patterned nails.  However my manager never did more then threaten and I continued to rebel.  Currently i have a nudish pink on my nails with a sparkly silver accent finger, and I just purchased a new light "mint" green by Essie titaled "zip me up"  I actually didnt purshae this because it was top on my color list, but because it was the only color CVS had in stock in the starter kit for Essie new gel but not gel line of polishes and I wanted to see if it really did survive wear and tea like the reviews said.  I am putting it on tonight and will post a blog on it once I put it through the ultimate test.. surviving through my next three shifts of dishes and countless frozen mudslides and magaritas.  Anyways, back to the topic.. yes burgundy is always a winner for me.  Love a Burgundy nail with some well polished makeup, skinny black pants, and knee high boot.  Also love it with my favorite grey sweats and messy bun.  Deep red for the win.Above is a matte shade of the color. Lower right is a gloss/high shine shade and left is accented which can be fun as well.

Burgundy lips are another favorite.  I went into how stylish a dark lipstick is in my previous post back in March, so I'm not going to get into to much detail repeating myself here. It's still in style for now. But just imagine a deep burgundy lip against your natural skin tone, not flushed from the summer sun, cheeks rosy from the cold, against a beautiful background of trees covered in snow, a winter wonderland.  Yes I would love my own personal model to follow me around everywhere so I can take pictures of the image i have in my head.  But I don't, and most of my friends have real jobs. So bear with me.  Also, I am still looking for that one brand that breaks the hourly touch-up curse.