Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Dark lips

They say a red lip makes anyone sexier right? Red lips are rocked by all ages, all skin colors, all hair styles.  But what about dark lipstick?  Shades of deep maroon, purple, browns, black even have branched out to more then just the gothic style.  Although a bold statement, and difficult to perfect, a dark lip can be just the right addition to the perfect look.  It stands out, draws attention to other features, and says "yes I'm pretty but I have attitude."

Also, I'm a badass bitch.

 So don't fuck with me.

As much as I love dark lipstick, I have yet to find a brand that I can wear confidently without running to the bathroom ever hour for touch ups.  Even the long lasting stains that last in lighter colors have seemed to not work so well with the darker shades.  Anybody have any recommendations?  Theres nothing worse than applying a perfect shade of dark purple for a night out, then finding after your first margarita that pretty plum has now transformed into a "I'm drunk off red wine" tye-die.

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