Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Princess Tale

Once Upon A Time...

What is every girls dream? To be a princess of course!  To wear pretty dresses and dance at a ball after sipping the finest champagne in a beautiful mansion full of beautiful people.  Prince Charming comes at just the right moment to sweep you off your feet and the rest of your life is happily ever after.

Well, if i have to be the one to break it to you, unfortunately this isn't reality.  BUT its not all disappointment.  We can still wear pretty dresses.  And drink champagne.  Maybe not the finest, but Barefoot does the job as well. And once its poured in the glass, it's pink, it's bubbly, its classy. Nobody knows it was $7.99 for the whole bottle; it works.  

No matter what we do, our whole life will never be a fairy tale.  But we can have those moments that make us feel like a princess from a Disney movie.  These moments are special.  They're cherished, they're remembered; they may just be the best of our lives.  And you know why they are special?  Because they don't happen all the time.  Maybe it was your prom when you were seventeen.  Maybe it's you're wedding to the man or woman you love.  Maybe its the military ball with your significant other.  Maybe you're a model and get to glamorize images for a living.  Whatever it is, I think we all need at least once.. maybe twice to wear a beautiful dress and feel like royalty.  

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